What is "Rush"?

Rush represents a recruitment phase within fraternities, including professional chapters. During this time, the fraternity actively seeks new members and organizes events for potential recruits to gain insight into the fraternity's objectives and engagements. For professional fraternities, these occasions often comprise networking sessions, workshops, and social gatherings, facilitating a mutual assessment of compatibility. Following the Rush period, invitations are extended to individuals whose values align with those of the fraternity.

Why Zeta Pi?

Joining Zeta Pi offers a range of benefits, including networking opportunities with industry professionals and peers, skill development through workshops and training, career growth with access to job placement services, resources, leadership experience within the fraternity, a supportive community for personal and professional development, and the chance to contribute to tech-related initiatives.

How to Apply

We have applications open at the start of each semester. Unfortunately, the Winter 2024 application due date has already passed, but we will be recruiting new members again in the fall. In the mean time, please follow us on Instagram to stay updated about us!