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Academic Development

The Academic Development Committee aims to support brothers in their studies. This committee holds events such as cram nights, where any brother can come study or do work together, and technical advancement themed activities, such as hackathons, design jams, LeetCode grind sessions, and introductory tech workshops. This committee also provides services to brothers such as making study groups, a knowledge base of classes, and partner matching for EECS classes.

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The ethics committee meets every week to have conversations about the ethical and moral implications surrounding various fields of technology. These discussions are just for fun and aim to expand the mindset of our brothers while also preparing them for a future of responsibly working with technology. The ethics committee also encompasses DEI, holding events that celebrate and educate our members about the diverse backgrounds of Zeta Pi.

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Since Zeta Pi is meant to be inclusive for everyone, our dues are kept low. Because of this, we must get funding for our events through other means. Insert the fundraising committee! Members hold frequent fundraisers, selling things like food, stickers and pins. Fundraising committee also works closely with busienesses and the univeristy to obtain grants.

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The Marketing Committee focuses on the design aspect of Zeta Pi. Some responsibilities of members of this committee involve running the social media, designing merch, creating advertising material for rush, and anything else that involves an artistic touch.

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Professional Development

The Professional Development committee hosts events that aim to aid brothers in advancing their careers and professional skills. Some events that are hosted by this committee include mock interviews, resume workshops, lightning talks, and professional headshots. Professional Development also maintains corporate and Alumni connections.

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Recruitment & Membership

As the name implies, the Recruitment and Membership committee handles rushing, pledging, and retaining membership in the frat. Although any brother can choose to attend rush events, and all are required to participate in inducting the pledges each semester, the members of this committee will be in charge of organizing and hosting these events. Members are also responsible for tracking the participation of current brothers, as each brother is required to attend at least 5 events or meetings every semester in order to retain their standing.

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The Social Committee organizes all of Zeta Pi's fun, non-academic or professional events. Some typical events hosted by the social committee are date parties, big/little events, game nights, IM sports and seasonal activities such as pumpkin carving and snowball fights.