How do I join?

We recruit new members at the beginning of every fall and winter semester. We require that you have at least three semesters left at the university, otherwise everyone is welcome to apply! For Rush dates and more details, see the rush section.

How is a tech frat different from a social frat?

The difference between professional frats and social frats typically is the focus on professional development as well as the absence of a shared living space. In other words, unlike your typical frat or sorority on campus, Brothers in Zeta Pi are not required to live together in a house. Although there is a strong emphasis of community and brotherhood in Zeta Pi, membership aims to aid you in your professional and academic career. Most events are completely optional and only exist for the benefit of the brothers.

How much of a time commitment is being a Brother?

The answer to this question entirely depends on you! There are about two events a month that Brothers are required to attend, and on top of that each Brother must attend 5 additonal events at some point in the semester. In total, the baseline time commitment is about two hours a week. That being said, Brothers are encouraged to join committees and attend our events as much as they can to maximize their experience in Zeta Pi.

What is a Big/Little mentorship?

Big/Little mentorship pairs less experienced "Littles" with more experienced "Bigs" that act as mentors to help guide Brothers both professionally and academically. Bigs act as a safety net for their Littles and help them assimilate into the frat after their initiation. Big/Little reveals take place during Pledge initiation each semester, and are based on the connections made between Pledges and Brothers during the pledging process.

How do I join a committee?

Any Brother can join a committee at any time during the semester, and can be in as many as they like! Elections for committee heads are held every year before winter break. Most events put on my our committees are exclusive to only the Brothers of Zeta Pi.